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Aerodrome Rules

  This regulation applies to all our airfields 

For guest pilots

Yes, you can fly here in Luxembourg under certain rules! , if you have a pilot's license from an EU-recognized flight school and have valid insurance. Then you also have to apply for membership in the Paramoteur Club 35 € for the year and you will also receive instruction, and it is always important to read the Notam. 

Radiofrequence 446.06250 CTCSS 67.0 Kanal 1 PMR

Regulations for using the platform, description of operation, use of the Pulm platform including the Pulm classes.

Special landing and take-off area Bettendorf Location: Lange Losen

Aerodrome reference point: (WGS84) 49°51'33.00"N - 6°13'39.60"E / Altitude 995ft AMSL 303.40m

Info: Ray Hoffmann, President of the Paramotor Club Luxembourg

Content first part:

Description of the platform general information Opening hours and restrictions Part II Terms of use the applicability of the rules of use Use by aircraft Take-off and landing forces Take-off and landing equipment Parking / packing Statistics Noise protection Fuel supply Boarding and driving Roads, paths and byways General vehicular traffic Entry and behavior in flight operations areas Command rights other operations pollution waste management safety rules offense

Description of the platform 1. General information Designation of the take-off and landing platform for PULM paramotors Reference point of the airfield: (WGS84) 49°51'33.00"N - 6°13'39.60"E / height 995ft AMSL 303.40m Approved aircraft: PULM -Air sports equipment (motorized paragliders) with a take-off weight of up to 120 kg empty weight Ground conditions: prairie terrain, short grass cover. Direction: The route is determined by the direction of the prevailing wind. The departure and final approach must be against the wind, as is usual with paragliders. Landings and take-offs must be made in uninhabited areas. 2. Opening times and restrictions The Special Purpose Platform (Special Landing and Takeoff Site) can be used to operate flights under visual flight rules (VFR) in daylight and in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) with own aircraft. Flights are permitted at the following times (local time): 30 minutes before sunrise (SR) to 30 minutes after sunset (SS). The platform is not used when the animals are inside the field or when the grass is too high. The nearby farm should be flown over or avoided on a large scale. It stipulates that every pilot taking off must consult and follow the NOTAMs.

Applicability of Terms of Use.

If you want to use the platform with a PULM, you are not allowed to drive onto the field.

Insofar as the regulations and instructions relate to aircraft operators, they apply accordingly to aircraft operators and to persons who use aircraft without being the operator or owner. take-off and landing forces

Each pilot must receive a briefing before the 1st departure.

Only members of the Paramotor Club Luxembourg are entitled to use the special landing and launch platform.

The pilot must be in possession of a valid pilot license.

 For his PULM gear: RC insurance, an altimeter, a parachute (parachute), a helmet, a GPS capable of recording flights and a valid airworthiness certificate for the PULM used. Only approved device combinations (drive/paraglider) may be used. Each pilot is responsible for himself and for any damage caused by his actions. The pilot cannot in any way hold the association or the owner of the property responsible.

Take-off and landing options

The designated take-off and landing area is to be used for take-offs and landings. You have to prepare on the side where nobody is in the way, wrap the glider like a rose and get to the starting point when it's free.

Parking / Packing

PULMs must be parked in the designated storage and packing areas, although packing paragliders is also permitted. Securing a parked PULM is the responsibility of the PULM owner. Users are obliged to treat the system and its equipment with care, damage isresponsible uImmediately report to the owner and operator of the platform and their insurance company.



PULM pilots must provide the Platform Club with the information necessary for statistical surveys.

You can upload your flights to to get an overview of your flights.

A main flight log is kept in which take-offs and landings are to be documented with the following entries: day, time, flight type PULM flight type, for flights from airfield A to airfield B the place of take-off and the landing.


Flight movements must be reported to one of the board committees before take-off or after landing. Via WhatsApp or SMS with all data


Noise protection -

Pilots must limit noise pollution from PULMs on and near the platform to an unavoidable minimum. If possible, avoid flying over built-up areas within the platform perimeter. Walking around the platform at low altitudes is strictly prohibited.


fuel supply

It is forbidden to refuel or empty fuel on the take-off and landing site. Storage of fuel on the platform is prohibited. (Can only be stored in own 10L car)


Enter the platform and continue Access to the platform is reserved exclusively for members of the Paramotor Club Luxembourg.


Paths and lanes Roads and country lanes must not be blocked by cars, etc. in a way that hinders farmers in cultivating the fields and in the passage of agricultural machinery.


Entering and driving in air traffic zones (PULM)


When entering the platform, the flying PULM always has priority. It is forbidden to enter the Plateform by car.

Right to issue instructions The Paramotor Club Luxembourg is responsible for enforcing the rules for the use of the platform by the owner of the field. We have received the necessary powers of attorney.


You can, for example - move PULMs - grant permission to fly - exercise your rights on the platform - view documents - issue bans on other operations Commercial activities are not permitted.


6. Pollution Any pollution must be cleaned up by the person who caused it; otherwise the platform operator can have the cleaning carried out at the expense of the polluter.


7. Disposal of waste The dumping of waste on site is strictly prohibited.


8. Safety rules Safety measures based on laws or other legal regulations must be strictly observed.


9. Criminal offense Anyone who violates the provisions of these regulations for the special landing and take-off site or the instructions issued by the Paramotor Club Luxembourg on the basis of these regulations can be expelled from the site. Claims for damages and other claims remain unaffected. -


All pilots sind committed to their flightsrecord using a GPS track.

These flight records may be requested by the Board of Directors, for example to verify compliance with PULM Platform Rules or to review complaints from third parties. Every pilot is required to track GPS flight history for three months.


During takeoff, only one pilot can gain altitude in the approach and takeoff areas at a time.


Engines can only be heated towards the forest.


Several paramotors can only be launched one after the other once the previous pilot has left the approach and take-off area.


Once this altitude is reached, each pilot must exit the take-off sector by the shortest possible route to minimize noise pollution.


Flights in the approach and departure areas should only last as long as is necessary for safe flight operations in order to minimize noise pollution.


The instructions :


The statutory minimum safety heights apply outside the approach and departure areas. Each pilot manages his PULM independently and must technically ensure that he can comply with the prescribed minimum heights. In the event of an official investigation, the club is obliged to transmit flight data (main flight log) and pilot data. Violations of these and existing rules are only a warning, a second time suspension of up to three months, a third time a minimum suspension of three months. The Board reserves the right to expel a member from the club who consistently violates the rules.


The board 

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